Thursday, July 16, 2009


The is really this double one.
One the one hand one has a system that pulverizes all individuality. An individual and their acs of perception, there ability to notice or to pull a lever is then caught within an entire process. The human is lost, in the system that require the brain and its eye to act and act and act and ac again and again and in the same way.
humanity is then merely another regulator, and other cogs another process:It is important as it is cheap. This process then having no end. That is the machines as they use the powers of nature for production, as they turn nature into a prodictive force pulervize humanity within something greater, and will ontinue to do so in differing ways as ones abilty to us nature differently increases.
To be a human will increasingly to become spread across many different things or pot or elements. One repeats this the action and again and agian in many different ways, and without any control Humanity is perpetually exploded into their own ever exploding machines; it is merely the echo of the echo.
At the same time regulation conjures up a state that wants to own all these differences and force them this way or that. A state therefore wants to be yet another force in the process, which wraps up production and drives it on way and not the other.It wants then to be akin to steam - a driving element or at least a point which warps the system elsewhere.

In effect the bureaucracy forget as sure as nature does the workers. They are then merely the elements regulated as they are the agents in a production, A series of figures to be worried at in either case: It is this element,t he minds of the people caught in the machines, Marx wants to remind us of. We wants to free this power of conception lost within the prison of limited perception; and if one can he thinks one has a world to gain...
If only we knew how!

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