Thursday, July 16, 2009

The law of circumlocution

To regulate a state is the same Dickens suggests as to immobilize it.
How can it be different
IfI want to ensure that everyone is dong exactly what I want them to be, and when I want it, I have to interfere, I have to change, I have the ensure. Regulation or policing or monitoring is the scourge of the system. Or better it changes where the power of the system lies. it does not lies in the ability to do, so much as the ability to interfere. The problem then being that there is no logic or rhyme or reason to this interference. :Once one starts how would one very really stop?
The power of the interference is untrammled, in that it are the front line of converting humanity into regulation. What they regulate then goes. One might regulate the regulators to infinity (and so catch those regulation in other powers) but still not break the power of this initial throw. That is the initial demand that the world comforms to the rule book
To circumlocute is then to demand this of the world. A world stops being allowed to be what it would otherwise be, it becomes rather the necessarily products of forms. However of course at this point the regulators hit that problem that to force the world into the world of rules forces the rules to change in use (an never have the effect one wanted) as much as it changes the world. one is then faced with a hybrid of rules in the world. The only response of course of the good regulators is to invent new rules, new hybrid, and then new rues.
The entire enterprise therefore collapses into a sequence of hybrids and rues to regulate them.
It collapses into an utter bureaucracy beyond any possibility or sense.
It becomes utterly circumlocuted.
The real problem is then that the world inhabit the circumlocution of it. It becomes what it is thought then warping their nature as they try to control it. A zombie life form neither alive nor dead, living or regulation, one destined to bleed from the page into the world, and yet never loose the stigma of the back and white of the books pages....

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