Friday, July 24, 2009

Or better

Or perhaps the problem is that capitalism has one thing really going for it. It uses the one passion which is capable of annexing a system and making it appear to be all about itself. That is greed is always there, always available and always able to annex or pull thoughts towards itself. We are caught them in the capitalism system because at one point or in one level a passion of greed can be generated powerful enough to annex all the disperate (and actually distinct) motive of capitalism and articulate them or claim to articulate them within a single desire (we are all greedy). It power is not then one of explication. It explains nothing. nor is it the single system which coordinated other as it does not really coordinate anything. It is merely a name for a devouring passion which is adequate to contain everything (in some sense).
That is one can if one really want to call everything greed. Dickens and Marx would rather one did not and could point to a thousand times one does not act this way, but that is no matter. One always can.
Self consciousness then sucks.
It becomes merely point at which a single passion can contain all the rest, and can be understood as such. it does not explain anything. But is sterile. It does not really even contain everything, as such that is as a powerful force. the action themselves were not greedy as such (or where not just about greed) and yet greed will claim them none the less, and be right to do so.
The problem then is how to find the equivalent force in the mind to such a greed. How then can one find a passion which can at a pinch contain or endeavour or annex all the others?
Or perhaps the real problem here is how can one avoid this passion not being fear? For greed is at least better than particular passion!
There is a rub indeed.

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